The Design Thinking Toolbox

Explore the five stages of the Design Thinking process, and learn the tools and tips you need to create great design.

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3 weeks
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Course overview: 

The Design Thinking process is an invaluable method of structuring any project. In this course, you’ll explore the five steps of the process – Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. You will gain practical experience in applying these key design tools alongside thought leaders in the field.  Within each of the five stages, there are different tools that you can use to aid the design process and you will explore the process with tools in mind gaining confidence in knowing what tools to use, how you can adapt them as well as any potential pitfalls. 

Learn Design Thinking alongside Wintec experts with the lead facilitator being Aidan Bigham.  He is a lead coach in the Design Factory Team at Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), is a seasoned expert in the science of design. He’ll walk you through every aspect of the design process, leaving you full of confidence in your ability to use the design tools available to you.

Key Takeaways from the course:

  • Understand the appropriateness of a tool for a design thinking stage
  • Understand the 5 stages of the Design Thinking process
  • Recognise and apply Design Thinking tools

What skills will the students learn:

The ability to recognise and use the appropriate mindset in different Design Thinking stages.

Be able to use creative and analytical tools throughout the Design Thinking process.

Recognise and adapt appropriate tools for a project stage you are in.

Understand and apply the Design Thinking approach.

Time required to complete course:
3 weeks with 3 hours per week